Built by Francesco Gonzaga between 1395 and 1406 on the project by Bartolino da Novara, it is a square-plan building with four angular towers surrounded by a moat, three gates and their drawbridges. Originally meant for the defence of the city it was to become the residence of the family.

In 1459 Marquis Ludovico II Gonzaga set the architect Luca Fancelli the task to renovate some parts of Corte Vecchia in view of the Council of Mantua called by Pope Pio II. After the renovation the castle lost its original defensive role and became one of the most important examples of the Italian Renaissance when Andrea Mantegna painted the very famous Camera degli Sposi (The Bridal Chamber).

St. George’s Castle - Photogallery

La foto di testata è di Franco Lanfredi